Who are We?

Based in Houston, TX with locations in the US and Pakistan; we are a software solutions startup taking on untangling messy data for our clients. We are leading a new era of database solutions powered with built-in algorithms to provide essential business functionalities out of the box. Our mission is to collaborate with innovative minds in data science and analytical companies to reduce the time to production for AI/ML projects. Utilizing our extensive data engineering expertise, we intend to power the next generation of database solutions; agnostic of existing databases or data models but ones that work well with a company’s existing enterprise solutions.  At Data ConnecXion, we use our 20+ years of industry experience and the most effective tools and processes to transform your data into an organization asset.

Our Services

Talent Resourcing

  • We can help hire the best and smartest talent to fulfill your needs, whether they are short-term or long-term. We have a broad portfolio of connections and existing resources that we can leverage to save you time and money.
  • Unlike other firms, we assign a dedicated account manager who carefully analyzes your needs, understands your budget, and provides a quick turnaround on the best suited resources.
  • By using our talent resourcing services, you will save time and money on the tedious process of finding the best candidates.
  • We have helped SAAS companies in energy, healthcare, and finance find qualified candidates to name a few.
  • We find you resources where you need them: onsite, remote (onshore, offshore, nearshore) or hybrid.
  • We have experience in resourcing technical resources such as front-end developers, back-end developers, DevOps, DBAs, python developers, data scientists, data analysts and project managers.

Data Governance

  • Data governance is the organization and implementation of policies, procedures, structure, roles, and responsibilities which outline and enforce rules of engagement, decision rights, and accountabilities for the effective management of information assets. Our certified and experienced resources can help you establish a tailored data governance program best fit for your organizational needs around regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, process efficiencies, and cost reduction.
  • We perform Data Management Capabilities Assessment Model (DCAM) for organizations to assess existing data management capabilities. We conduct interviews to obtain answers for DCAM foundational questions from stakeholders and collect/ analyze evidence to validate the answers based on applicable evidence.
  • We evaluate your data infrastructure and help you reduce costs by eliminating redundant databases, data tools and external data provides.
  • We can implement processes/ tools that will help you get these answers to mitigate risk around non-compliance and convert your data to an enterprise asset.
  • We can improve your data infrastructure by automating the data quality checks and reducing the number of data handoffs. We have seen this lead to better coordination and productivity amongst groups and systems.
  • Our Data Governance services can help you improve your strategic planning, business intelligence and analytics, which would result in improved customer relationships and revenue growth.
  • Our data scientists and engineers have developed a tool that ingests an organization’s information in all its different formats to create a single cleaned, unified dataset ready to be leveraged across business units.

Project Solutions

  • Time is money and managing a project efficiently and effectively does not happen by accident. It requires a team of highly trained individuals to create detailed projects, manage deadlines, budgets, and resources successfully while identifying and mitigating risks.
  • Our project managers are experts in managing time and resources, deploying the best management methodologies and being your dedicated project liaison and champion.
  • Your desired outcomes will be improved with our optimized project plans and robust solutions.

Intelligent Automation

  • Our intelligent automation services can help you enhance productivity, boost your ROI and save money by automating routine tasks swiftly and efficiently.
  • Our all-inclusive process management and automation solution combines data sources and processes into a simple and streamlined manner. Our automation interface is so user-friendly, anyone in your company can be trained to use it. An extensive background in programming is not required.
  • One of the primary automation solutions we provide is Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which combines workflows with robotic services. This reduces employee workload by automating certain steps in repetitive, high-volume processes. For example, account management, credit card payments, loan processes, IT system maintenance, and more can be automated. RPA interfaces imitate tasks as a human would. It is a virtual employee that can perform high volume and repetitive tasks just as humans do.

C Suite Consulting

  • At Data ConnecXion, our team of highly experienced C-Level consultants in the technology and financial field will provide you advice and solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Our consultants provide fractional C-suite services, including Chief Data officer (CDO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Technology Officer or Chief Information Officer (CTO or CIO), Chief compliance officer (CCO), Chief Analysts Officer (CAO).
  • Our C Suite Consulting services allows startups, rapidly growing companies and small organizations to have the expertise of C-level professionals when they need it the most. This eliminates the time and effort required to find qualified permanent executive resources without a need for hefty long-term financial investment.

Cloud Computing

  • We can help you scale your business quickly without sacrificing security or availability. AWS (Amazon Web Services), the largest cloud provider is a Data ConnecXion partner.
  • Let us be your trusted advisor on starting a better cloud architecture for your company. We have an experienced AWS certified team ready to start a complimentary discovery phase project.

Our Technical Expertise

We offer a wide range of solutions to your data problems.

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