Data ConnecXion is a software solutions startup with a mission to untangle messy data for our customers

We are leading a new era of database solutions powered with built-in algorithms to provide essential business functionalities out of the box. Our mission is to collaborate with the best minds in data science and analytical companies to reduce the time to production for AI/ML projects. Utilizing our extensive data engineering expertise, we aim to power the next generation of database solutions; agnostic of any existing databases or data models but that can also work well with any enterprise solutions that a company already uses.

A typical dataset goes through multiple applications, is touched by a plethora of users from multiple functions, and is updated and changed along the way. With every phase, it potentially loses a part of its authenticity and reliability. This causes decisions to be made based on incorrect or misleading information. Trends and patterns are meaningless if the groundwork is not done to lay the foundation right.

At Data ConnecXion, we believe in nipping the evil in the bud. We provide software solutions and services to drastically improve data quality resulting in better business decisions. That means our customers get to spend more time actually using, analyzing, deducing, and making educated business decisions from their data.

Where we are going

Data solutions today, a data platform tomorrow. Leveraging technology as our catalyst, along with our team’s domain and industry insights, we are working hard on the next generation of tools to meaningful datasets. Stay tuned.